Why switching energy supplier is so beneficial

Why switching energy supplier is so beneficial

If you, like many other consumers, have a pre-conceived notion that switching energy supplier would either be too complicated, or would mean that you’d end up forking out hefty sums of money, you would be wrong!

Ofgem estimates that consumers could save up to £320 a year just by switching energy supplier and, on average, the annual savings from switching energy supplier are roughly £200 per consumer per year. The UK government also stated that if all households were to switch to a cheaper energy supplier, this would result in savings of £2.7 billion for the whole country. Given these facts, it is surprising that 61% of people say that they have either never or only once switched energy supplier.

Although the main benefit to switching energy supplier is undoubtedly the money saved, customers have also cited poor customer service as a reason for leaving. Energy suppliers play a huge role in our lives – imagine how different your home would be without any sort of gas or electric. So, when we encounter an unfortunate circumstance like a power cut, we need a quality service from our energy supplier to resolve the issue and help us get back to normal as soon as possible. If we don’t receive a high quality, helpful and efficient service.at a time like this it’d have a negative effect on how we view that provider and we’d be more likely to want to switch providers.

Not only does switching energy mean paying less and getting a better level of customer service, but the switching process is now easier than ever. Help Me Switch can compare providers to find the best deal for you based on your requirements and then all you would need to do is contact the new supplier so they can then carry out the switch for you!

If you’re thinking about switching broadband, utility or life or medical insurance provider we’re here to help you out. By answering a few questions (like what speed you require for a new broadband deal) we can compare all the suitable deals to find the ideal package for you that won’t cost a fortune.